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An Essential Opportunity

One of the attendees at the Inner Circle 2018 Mini Retreat described the event as “an essential opportunity to take our success at life to the next level”. For others it was that “I have been going about setting goals all wrong for years and it was only when Bob (Molle) described the importance of determining my “why” that it all fell into place”.

How I (Finally) Learned to Be More Emotionally Intelligent as a Boss

I’m the first to admit that I’m not always the easiest person to get along with. I can be abrasive. I frequently interrupt and occasionally instigate. I’m often impatient, and bad at reading the room. In my salad days, it was much worse. (Don’t believe me? I quit my last corporate job by telling my boss to “go f*ck himself.”)

Do Smartphones Go to Heaven when they Die?

According to research published earlier this year by the IT research firm, Garter, globally we sell about 400 Million phones...a quarter. This means annually the numbers are racking up to about 2.5 Billion devices.
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