Most Requested Topics

Tara consults to leaders and entrepreneurs who understand that building a strong and resilient culture is the path to success.

Topic #1 | Building a Strengths Based Culture

Leading organizations recognize the value in having an engaged workforce that has the right people in the right roles. Using 21 million data sources, Tara works with leaders to implement a CliftonStrengths based organization that drives results through engagement.  

Topic #2 | Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture is the leaders top priority. Without a culture of accountability there can be no execution. Tara works with clients to implement the proven approach to creating and implementing a winning culture.

Topic #3 | Trust is Everything

The Seven Keys to an ethical organization. "Establishing the rules of engagement that create good judgement".

Topic #4 | Shifting your Context

Leaders ask Tara why their massive efforts have only yielded incremental results. Tara works with leaders on how to shift their organizations context to achieve paradigm shifting results.

Topic #5 | It's All About Partnerships

Learning to leverage the strengths of others is low hanging fruit that allows teams to multiply their efficacy with little effort. Tara works with leaders globally on utilizing the best in each person to support their teams in her 'Succeeding Through Strengths-Based Partnerships" program.

Topic #6 | Building Resilient Organizations

Tara works with leaders to build the resilient individuals, capable of managing rapid change, diverse challenges that make for resilient organizations. 

Topic #7 | Strategic Leadership

Gaining Insights that leapfrog the competition. "How to create results by working smarter, not harder".
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