Urban Mining at Plant Delta

At Ronin8 we set out on a mission to be consequential in solving the problem of electronic waste. Our 20,000 sq ft pilot plant (code named P-Delta - see 3min launch video below) is starting to process through some of the 18,000 lbs of material we have on site. Our closed loop process uses sonic generators to "mine" electronic waste for precious metals like Gold, Palladium, Silver and Copper. Unlike smelters we do not generate toxic airborne particles like dioxins and furans. We also have a very rich gold mine with over 200g of gold per tonne of "ore". 

Compare that to an average gold mine with about 5g of gold per tonne. In addition we are 1000x more environmentally friendly than a traditional mining operation. Why mine when you can urban mine, remediate electronic waste, create a closed loop economy and leave the world a better place for future generations?
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