Ronin8 Creates Synthetic Gold

This article was originally published on April 1st, 2016.

In a world breaking announcement, Peter Holgate, CEO of Ronin8 announced that the Ronin8 chemical engineering team had created the world's first synthetic gold. "After much research and effort, they have managed to crack the alchemy code" said Bruce Sifton, CTO. "We were reviewing some historical research papers done by Dr Rumplestiltskin when we realized that by combining our Ronination technology with the original biomass source material we could produce a metal with a similar specific gravity.

The parallels with diamonds and cubic zirconia are not quite accurate in that the Group 11 elements on the periodic table cannot be faked. With 79 electrons in the shell, the SynthGold (trademark application pending) has the exact same characteristics as the noble metal. SynthGold is malleable, non-oxidizing with high ampacity.

The most exciting development for investors is that each Roninator Unit can produce up to 4,000 troy ounces of SynthGold per hour.
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