2016 Technology Impact Award Finalist

It is official. Ronin8 is one of three finalists in the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) Technology Impact Awards for 2016. Ronin8 qualified under the most promising pre-commercial category. The BCTIA award is the longest running and largest technology awards program in the province.

In 2015, Ronin8 built a 20,000 sq. ft. pilot plant (code named P-Delta). In April 2016, Ronin8 sent off it’s first tonne of processed materials to have the Gold and other precious metals refined. Independent third party analysis confirmed the Ronin8 closed loop process generates between 5 to 11 oz of Gold per tonne as well pure Silver, Palladium and Copper.

"As we close our $3M financing round and ramp up to 100 metric tonnes per month at P-Delta, we are proud BCTIA recognized us as an award finalist." said Founder and CEO, Peter Holgate.

Full details of the BCTIA press release can be found below:

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